Leg 1 runner (LT Carter Fenstemacher) is departing from Baker HS for Leg 1. Phone reception is minimal out there. Good luck to all the other runners & see everyone in Vegas!
Michael Lesley
U.S. Coast Guard
Team Captain
Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team 1790
(619) 512-2281

Official Start Time

Official start times have been posted.

1400 hrs is the official start time for our team.

B2V 2015 is areound the corner...are you ready?

Michael Lesley
U.S. Coast Guard
Team Captain
Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team 1790
(619) 512-2281

B2V 2014 T-Shirt Order Info

Good afternoon Team 1790,

We have a short turnaround for this…


As most of you know, Petty Officer Travis Obendorf passed away on 18 DEC 2013 from injuries he sustained while engaged in a Search & Rescue mission in the Bering Sea, 30 miles north of Amak Island, Alaska.

This year, Team 1790 is running in honor of PO Obendorf.   You will notice that the PO Obendorf logo that we have all become familiar with in the last couple of months will be on our Team's Runner Bibs, and Follow Vehicle.  Every single baton that is used in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay race will also have PO Obendorf's name on it!

In addition to all of this, PO Obendorf will also be honored during the B2V Awards Ceremony.

For those that are new to the team, it is a tradition that teams wear their team gear to the B2V Award Ceremony on Sunday night to represent their agencies.  Every year, someone from our team designs the Team 1790 T-Shirt.  The Team 1790 T-Shirt is worn Sunday evening to the B2V Award Ceremony.  This is where we take our team picture.

The Team 1790 Runner Shirts are meant to do the exact same thing, show our agency pride, but on the race course.

Below are brief descriptions of this years team t-shirt and runner shirts.

2014 TEAM 1790 T-SHIRT - $15
Blue cotton t-shirt with Team 1790 logo on left chest, BM3 Travis Obendorf 7-color logo on the back.

2014 RUNNER SHIRT, Moisture Wicking - $17
Charcoal grey moisture wicking shirt with Team 1790 logo on left chest and BM3 Travis Obendorf logo on the back in black.  (This is a tone on tone tactical moisture wicking shirt)

To place your order, email AUX Diana Stewart (Diana.M.Stewart@team1790.us) with the following info:

Position: (Runner, Alternate Runner, Volunteer, Friend of Team 1790, etc.)

Type of Shirt:  2014 TEAM 1790 T-SHIRT
Size: (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
Quantity for that size:
Size (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
Quantity for that size:
Size: (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
Quantity for that size:

Type of Shirt:  2014 RUNNER SHIRT
Size (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
Quantity for that size:
Size: (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
Quantity for that size:
Size: (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)
Quantity for that size:

Please help make this as easy as possible.   Use the format above when placing your order!  If you are ordering multiple sizes, please list each size separately.

Again, all orders must be emailed directly to AUX Diana Stewart by next Thursday.
Josh & Mike

PO Michael Lesley
U.S. Coast Guard
Team Captain
Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team 1790

B2V 2014 Update Feb 21

Good evening Team 1790!

I hope this email finds you well!  Baker to Vegas (B2V) 2014 is just a few weeks away.  By now you should have your secured your hotel rooms, figured out how you intend to get yourself to Vegas (and back), and have been preparing for B2V 2014.

I tried to break up the info below by who it most applies to, but it is good info for All-Hands.

Our official B2V 2014 team number is 37.
Read the Rule Book!   http://bakervegas.com/rulebook

Baker to Vegas 2014 Weekend 21-24 MAR 2014
FRIDAY – March 21, 2014
0800 Depart Base LA
1800 All Hands @ the Command Center (LVH)
SATURDAY – March 22, 2014
1200 Team 1790's Official Race Start Time (Baker, CA)
SUNDAY – March 23, 2014
0600 Team 1790 crosses the finish line (LVH Convention Center)
1730 All Hands @ the Command Center (LVH)
1800 Awards Ceremony / Team Photo (LVH Convention Center)
MONDAY – March 24, 2014
1100 Depart LVH for Base LA
*Please keep in mind, all times are approximate and subject to change*

Read the rule book!  You are in direct control over how well we do in this race!  It is very easy to wear something that is not authorized, forget to bring your ID, not have your Runners Bib in the proper place, etc.  All of these simple infractions will get the team penalized.  Each infraction has a time penalty that is added to the Team's overall time.  Teams have lost out on getting a mug due to penalties! http://bakervegas.com/rulebook

ALL RUNNERS (Primary AND Alternate) need to email JOSH a signed copy of the Waiver & Release form by 24 FEB 2014.  Please email the forms to Josue.A.Mendez@Team1790.us

If you paid for fundraiser t-shirts, they are available for pick up at the Base LA-LB Command Building.  Please contact CIV Bert Orozco to arrange for pick-up.

Any runner that starts their leg after 1800 hrs, is required to run with a flashing vest.  WE WILL PROVIDE THIS VEST.  If this applies to you, make sure you are including this added weight / bulk in your training plan.

Keep an eye on the weather.  Stay hydrated.
Team Volunteers:
Do I have your most up to date contact info?  I sent an email to those that stated they had interest in volunteering for Team 1790.  Only 5 people followed up with the information that was requested!

The same goes for the volunteers, Read the rule book!  http://bakervegas.com/rulebook
You guys are the ones that are driving on the race course.  All of the local law enforcement agencies have been given special "ticket books" to issue penalties to B2V motorist that are caught breaking the law.  This is in addition to any tickets that they would normally issue for speeding, DUI, etc.

Take a moment and download the two Stage Maps of Stage 16. The Catcher at Stage 16 will NOT be able to move to Stage 17 in time to catch the runner.   Space for parking is limited.

Follow Vehicle Crews:
The Race Committee has requested that ALL Follow Vehicle Crews watch this video: http://youtu.be/86da-EWwQ5Y
Also, please review the rule book.  There have been a few changes to the rules this year.

Please email us if you have ANY questions!  We want you to be as prepared as possible.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mike & Josh

PO Michael Lesley
U.S. Coast Guard
Team Captain
Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team 1790

B2V 2014 Update - 13 Weeks Out

Good afternoon Team 1790!

Here we are, 13 weeks out from race day.

As Team Captains, Josh & I are used to moving people around on the team.  Its a common thing that happens, whether its due to operational needs, injury, last minute a runner "forgot" they were in a wedding, etc.

This year, Leg 2 was slated to be ran by a Reservist from Sector San Diego, LT Dave Bavencoff. In his civilian career, Dave is a fellow law enforcement officer. Last week, while in foot pursuit of a suspect, Dave sustained an injury that will prevent him from his regular B2V training plan, so he has decided to give his leg to an Alternate Runner.  Dave is not off the hook that easy!  He will be helping me with the Team's logistics.

Josh & I have selected LCDR Ken Burgess to fill the opening in Leg 2. Ken is the Executive Officer of USCG Base Los Angeles.  I think Ken put Base LA on his dream sheet strictly as a means to have the ability to run in Baker to Vegas!

This week we also saw a new addition to the team.  PO Mike Clouse has joined the team as an Alternate Runner.  Mike, a Reservist assigned to Port Security Unit 311, joined the CG in April of this year.  In his civilian career, he is an Officer with the California Highway Patrol.  Mike is a previous B2V Team Captain for the CHP East LA and Riverside teams.

By now, you should have secured your hotel rooms in Vegas. If you need help with that, please let me know asap and I can help you out. Remember, go to www.bakervegas.com, in the upper right corner is the link for the host hotel, the LVH. Once on the LVH's website, click on the Early Bird option for an even lower room rate!  Rooms are almost sold out.

We have some deadlines approaching in the near future, so watch your email for any requested info that may be time sensitive.

The fundraiser t-shirts should be in by the end of the week. Once they have arrived, we will sort the order and coordinate their pickup.

We still need 1 FEMALE Alternate Runner!!!  Any and all help with recruiting would be appreciated.

If you have ANY questions, comments, concerns, etc, feel free to reach out to us.  13 weeks may seem like plenty of time, but it will fly by quickly.  As your Team Captains, Josh & I are committed to helping out in any way possible to ensure mission excellence.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that can determine if we have enough runners to fill all of our required positions.  Josh & I would like to thank all of the support that we get from our team members' commands.  Without your continued support year after year, we could not represent the Coast Guard in the worlds largest law enforcement relay race.  We understand that needs of the Service always come first and truly appreciate the accommodations that your units have provided!  The partnerships and relationships that the Coast Guard has gained from participating in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Race are absolutely beneficial to us and our law enforcement partners, which ultimately benefits the communities that we serve. 


Josh & Mike


(818) 335-6553

B2V 2014 - 16 Weeks Out

Good morning Team 1790!

With 16 weeks and a few days, you can see how the time flies by quickly!

Just a few things to pass:

·         We currently have 20 Primary Runners and 8 Alternate Runners.

o   We need to recruit a Female Alternate Runner!!!

·         Our B2V 2014 Official Number is 37

·         Our B2V 2014 Category is Invitational Mixed

·         Book your hotel room ASAP!

·         We still have some Support Staff positions to fill

·         We are also looking for a few individuals with trucks that can tow the Comms Trailer and the Logistics Trailer from Base LA/LB to Las Vegas (and back).

·         Contact info will need to be updated.  Email will be sent in near future. 

REMINDER – We have multiple support staff positions that need to be filled.  They can be filled by fellow Coasties, Friends, Family, co-workers, etc.  If you know of someone that may be interested in being a Team 1790 volunteer, please have them contact Mike Lesley (Michael.R.Lesley@Team1790.us) ASAP!   With a wide variety of positions that range from physically active to administrative duties, there are positions available for those that are fit for full duty and light duty alike!

We currently have openings in the following positions:
Command Center Watchstander – Maintain communications watch for all Coast Guard assets attached to Baker to Vegas, maintain overall situational awareness for Team 1790.
Command Center Assistant – Ensures all personnel, vehicles, and supplies are accounted for, issued, dispatched and monitored throughout the event.
Communications Trailer Watchstander - Relay communications from units in the field to the Command Center.
Shuttle Van Driver – Transport the Catcher and Runners onto the race course to their assigned stages and back to the Command Center upon completion.
Shuttle Van Catcher – Assists outbound runner with checking in for their leg, catches incoming runner as they arrive in the chute, assists driver with navigation on the race course.
Follow Vehicle Crew – Drive the Follow Vehicle behind the runner during the race, assist runner during race by providing cooling measures, drinking water, first aid, etc.  Advise Ops & Position reports to Command Center.  (All Follow Vehicle Crew positions have been filled)

We are also looking for volunteers that have a truck with the ability to tow a trailer.  In addition to the Comms Trailer (Sector LA) that goes to Stage 14, we also have a Logistics Trailer (D-11) that goes to the LVH parking lot.  Most of the gear is issued directly out of the trailer instead of the Command Center.


Team Captain Contact Info

Runner Coordinator:  Josh Mendez

Support Staff Coordinator:  Mike Lesley

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything!

Have a safe Thanksgiving!  


Mike Lesley & Josh Mendez



B2V 2014 Hotel Info

Good morning Team 1790!


Many of you have asked for hotel information.  The Team 1790 Command Center

will be located at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (LVH).  It is highly

recommended that you stay at the LVH, but not a requirement.  It is YOUR

responsibility to be at the Command Center for both of the All-Hands, and

your predetermined meet time to go out to the course.  Most people on the

team that are not bringing family, usually share rooms to cut costs.  


The host hotel, LVH, appears to be offerings lowest room rate ($99/night).

 When you click on the link below, on the left side of the pages it will ask

you for guest type.  Select "Early Bird Block".  This block of rooms is

approx $20-$30 cheaper than the regular contract negotiated rate.  There is

no guarantee how long these low rates will be available.  Last year the LVH

was sold out by the first week of December!


If the above link does not work, go to www.bakervegas.com and click on host

hotel in the upper right corner.


Directly across the street from the LVH is the Riviera Hotel & Casino.  In

years past, people have stayed at the Riviera due to its close proximity to

the LVH and affordability.   It is a quick walk across the street to the




Feel free to contact Mike or Josh is you have ANY questions. 


Continue to train and prepare for B2V 2014!


Mike & Josh